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En ella podré mostraros de un modo global y fácilmente accesible toda la documentación archivada cronológicamente en las pestañas laterales. 

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You can see in a comprehensive and easily accessible all documents filed chronologically in the side tabs. 

I Hope you like it!

Course program: The fabulous world of the pharaohs.

Lecture: The evolution of the funerary architecture in the Old Kingdom. April 24, 2001.

Course program: The great Egyptian collections of museums II.

Lecture: The Egyptian Museum of Alexandria. February 23, 2000.

Course program: The pottery of the god Khnum (workshops and craftsmen).

 Lecture: The quarries and stone industry. February 22, 2000.

Course program: The great Egyptian collections of museums I

Lecture: The Museum of Munich. May 5, 1999

Course program: Art and Civilization of Ancient Egypt.

Lecture: The XXV Dynasty: the Nubians on the throne of Egypt. April 13, 1999.

Course program: Egypt, bridge between Africa and the Mediterranean sea.

Lecture: The city of Alexandria: recent discoveries. November 25, 1998.

Course program: The life and beyond.

Lecture: The funerary enclosure of the king Djeser. May 14, 1998.

Course program: New research in history and civilization of Ancient Egypt.

Lecture: Apogee. Crisis of the Old Kingdom. January 27, 1998

Course program: Women in Ancient Egypt, goddess, queen and homemaker.

Lecture: The cult of the goddess Isis and its expansion in the Mediterranean sea. October 7, 1997.

Course program: History of Ancient Egypt.

Lecture: The Arts in the New Kingdom. February 27, 1991

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