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En ella podré mostraros de un modo global y fácilmente accesible toda la documentación archivada cronológicamente en las pestañas laterales. 

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You can see in a comprehensive and easily accessible all documents filed chronologically in the side tabs. 

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Nubian contributions to the egyptian Art. November 20th, 2015

Lecture: The egyptian temples in Nubia. March 20th, 2015

Course Program: Daily Life in Ancient Egypt: society, science and art.

Lecture: The Celebrations And Festivals. Cycles. Calendar. February 13, 1994

Course Program: Religious manifestations of the Egypt of the Pharaohs.

Lecture: The Priesthood and the rite. December 13, 1991

Course program: Personalities of Pharaonic Egypt.

Lecture: The Pharaoh Taharqa. April 5, 1990

Course program: From the New Kingdom to the Lágidas.



1 - Sculpture, relief, painting and the minor arts during the New Kngdom. March10, 1989

2 - From the XXVI Dynasty to the XXX Dynasty. April7,1989

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