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En ella podré mostraros de un modo global y fácilmente accesible toda la documentación archivada cronológicamente en las pestañas laterales. 

Espero que os guste!

My Web page:

You can see in a comprehensive and easily accessible all documents filed chronologically in the side tabs. 

I Hope you like it!

Communicatios and Conferences

I present the four conferences I had the privilege to participate in.


The first one was the VIII International Congress of Egyptology held in Cairo in 2000.

In the second one you can see the minutes published which contain my paper in which I explained how I applied my knowledge in digital graphic design in Egyptology. The thrid one is related to the tourism field. It was a challenge and happily accomplished dispite its complexity, by the huge number of attending companies and participants. The fourth and latest one connected two subjects, culture and tourism, on which  I have always been working for the past 25 years.

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